What Is The Difference Between Luxury Condo And Apartment?

Both apartment and condos are places here people can live comfortably but there is a thin line which makes a difference between both


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  1. A luxury condo should have a swimming pool, tennis court, gym etc. these facilities many be less or more that depend on the builder of the condo. Condos provide much additional benefit to the house owner. The apartment may lack these additional facilities. Although both have one common facility. It allowsliving the house owner’s life in the house.


  1. For condos, thecertain square meter is must according to the law made in different countries. It may vary according to the law of the country. For an apartment, there is no restriction for square meters.


  1. Condos are generally very spacious as compared to the apartment. Both satisfy the basic need of the human being of shelter but condos are made to satisfy the wants of aperson like swimming pools, get together hall, function celebration together, meetings, gym, sports club, gulf shores luxury condos


  1. Condos are governed by the law made by the authorities to safeguard the rights of the house owners. The apartment has no such laws.



  1. For declaring a house to be acondo, it must satisfy the definition and requirements of condos as mentioned in the law. Apartment requires no such fulfillment and declaration.


  1. Condos are governed by the group of people who are elected by the members and resident of the condos. This committee is responsible for maintenance of various facilities present in the luxury condos. They have aboard of directors who operate the monetary part and decision part. Condos owner need to pay the maintenance The apartment has no such regulatory board.