Essentialnegotiation skills to develop

You may have presented your product to the customer and convinced them that it should meet their expectation after which they may get persuaded to buy your company’s’ product but still deal may turn into a negotiation training. The presenter should be able to negotiate with customers making it profitable for both the parties.Basic negotiation training helps you to develop following skills:


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  1. Clearly defining concerns: You may have accepted some conditions while in the flow which later you may have realized that it cannot be done. So don’t just draft a contract without having a discussion on some mutual benefits.
  2. Ask the prospect to reason first: It may happen that you are already told everything about the deal and then your prospect will try to reason on it. In sales training you will learn that it is always advised to listen what your prospect has to offer then you lay all the terms.
  3. Don’t given them the option of price range: If they are wanting to get some money to be cut off from the price of your product don’t given them the discount ranges as they would know that you can offer more discount as well. So just stick to a particular figure and try reasoning with them.
  4. Don’t go for contract unless the deal is done: There can be lot of conversations till eth deal is finalized. There may arguments or proposal on many aspects. Don’t be in a hurry to write the contract unless deal is closed and everyone agrees.
  5. Add value to your product: Your relation is with your customers. Try to have something in return of the discount offered. Proper sales coaching will make you aware that you should always add value to you product sold. Try to give some add-ons with will help in maintaining better relation with your customers.