Traditional dining chair styles available in the market

The elegance of the dining room decoration will mainly depend on the dining table and the stoelenwe buy while setting up the place. If you have already tried to eetkamerstoelen kopen, you would be familiar with the different styles available in the market. You can find traditional, vintage, rustic, and contemporary styles in the shop. Here, we will only speak about the commonly available traditional styles in dining stoelen.

Victorian: This era existed in between the year of 1837 to 1901. The dining chairs in this era were ornate with heavy carvings in the wood and usually came in dark color. Wooden carved lines and other patterns were added to the chair to give a royal look to the dining set.

Ladder back: Unlike Victorian style, the ladder back stoelendoes not have much decoration on them. The back of the stoelis made by keeping horizontal wooden slats. The seat is made of wood and the modern ladder back chairs have upholstered seats. People tend to select this style when they gotoeetkamerstoelen kopen.



Rustic: This type of dining chairs is simple and is traditionally made of wood. These chairs will be low backed and they are usually associated with light wood or wicker tables. You can even get rustic style dining chairs made of metal.

Shabby chic: In simple words, you can say that shabby chic chairs are of cottage style. You can choose the stoelthat has an antique look or else you can make it look like an antique by making some changes. The furniture makers will do the “distressing” work to give this look. Normally these stoelenwill be painted year by year and sanding will be done to remove the top coat.

When you go to eetkamerstoelen kopen, look for these styles if you are planning to give the dining room a traditional look.