The Side Effects of GarciniaCambogia on your body

Garcinia cambogia is a tiny, delicious tropical fruit which consists of Biological active chemical compound known as Hydroxy citric acid (HCA). It has already found in many scientific studies that it helps patients to control their appetite and fat removal. The origin of this fruit is from Indonesia. In 1990, this chemical substance has been used in different branded weight loss items. But, the real fame it got in 2012 when Dr. Julie Chen discussed it on a Popular TV shows “Dr. Oz TV”. After that, many illegitimate marketers were promoting GarciniaCambogia as a miracle drug and claiming ridiculous things about its effect on your body fat.

garcinia cambogia

A reported by many scientific pieces of research, there are no side effects mentioned in these reports up to this year. But, to remain on the safe side, we do not give these supplements to pregnant and breastfeeding mom as a precautionary step. It is due to the clinical studies yet to be started to know the after effects of HCA on a pregnant woman. It has proven that HCA in the garcinia cambogia will halt the production of glucose from carbohydrates. If you are suffering from hypoglycemia or low levels of sugar in your blood, then you are advised not to consume this supplement. This disorder occurs in the patient body when there is an excess amount of insulin present in your blood streams.

Consuming this drug will drag down your glucose level more in the state of hypoglycemia. Alzheimer’s patient should not consume these supplements as it can make your health condition worse in dementia. The side effects of GarciniaCambogia may contain nausea, cramps, diarrhea, headaches, constipation, and allergies. There are some serious cases found in digestion disorder in Australia when a patient consumes an excess amount of HCA supplements to get a rapid weight loss.