What is male and female weed plants?


So marijuana lovers, do you think you know your marijuana too well or is there something still you are not aware of. If you are planning to be one of the marijuana growers you need to know about its classes and sexes. Starting from indica , sativa to male and female cannabis plant, marijuana has lot to study since centuries. Researchers have constantly tried to dig deeper to get the best quality.

Male and female marijuana plant.


female cannabis plant


Male Marijuana plant

– Few leaves, thicker stems and huge in length. These are the basic featured of male weed plant.

– A grower must know how they look, because it is important to separate them.

– They start flowering before their female counter part, and have no white hairs on their hair nodes.

– They do not have high THC content as compared to their female weed plant, but still their stem has uses of making fine fiber.

– Male weed plant also used in deciding the quality of offspring.

After male, it is important to understand about female marijuana plant.

– More bushy, small and thin in length. They have been the main ones which are used for recreation and medicinal purpose since past .

– They have been always in huge demand, be of indica or sativa.

– Their main difference is they have white hairs on internodes and they do not have pollen pockets on their stems.

– A grower always wants to give whole space of his growing area to female marijuana plant.

Most of the growers know that they need feminized seeds to avoid picking up the male plant. But yes, they also know an adept would never throw away all the male weed plants.


Both sexes are important. One produces that THC content, other decides the offspring, and helps in maintaining the line of succession.In weed world, now female weed plant have female cloned seeds, but they cannot produce strain of as good quality as of the cross breeding between two opposite sexes.